Justine Lago

Justine Lago has been involved in operational leadership, management and development, and talent development for the last 15 years, having worked in several senior operational management positions, human resources, consulting and a number of corporate roles.

Justine has successfully led teams and has a solid understanding of the dynamics of organisations and the impact on individuals and teams. The blend of sound knowledge of the business world, together with her background in coaching, provides her with a broad yet pragmatic picture when working with both individuals and organisations.

As an experienced independent coach and human resources and development consultant, Justine has worked with a wide variety of clients, big and small, and has a simple philosophy: that every individual can unlock their own potential, given the space and guidance to do so. She believes the role of the coach is to provide direction, but not to become a crutch for action. She is flexible in her approach and uses a number of ways and interventions depending on the client's need. She also recognises that work and life are not always that easy to separate and, when coaching, the focus is on the person as a whole. Justine has had significant one on one and group coaching experience including a full understanding of the delivery of individual and group 360-degree feedback and strategy facilitation workshops. She is qualified to use a variety of psychological assessment tools including MBTI, FIRO B, OPQ32, various ability assessments, the ASE Emotional Intelligence Assessment, and Predictive Index Personality and Job Profiling. Justine has trained extensively in Gestalt Coaching skills to complement and deepen the established individual and group action orientated coaching approach.

For the last 6 years, Justine has successfully managed her own coaching and consulting business, which has provided her with new and challenging business insights and opportunities. She has experience of working within a variety of sectors, both private and public, and has worked extensively at board level.

Justine has an honours degree in Business Studies from Kingston Business School and has achieved the Advanced Diploma in Coaching with the Academy of Executive Coaching and is committed to her ongoing personal development, currently studying for her MA in Gestalt Psychotherapy. She is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), and the British Psychological Society.

Justine can be contacted at: justine@onionhr.co.uk

Website: www.onionhr.co.uk