'Leadership team effectiveness is a function not just of the knowledge, skills and experience that team members possess, but also of the values and behaviours that define an approach to accomplishing the team’s overall goals.'

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Leadership Team Effectiveness

How well do you work together as an executive team?

  • Is your senior leadership team capable of working together as a real team when the situation demands?
  • Do the people around the ‘top table’ really understand their peers and their way of seeing the world?
  • Do your senior leaders trust each other?
  • Are they comfortable dealing with the conficts that can arise around the table, and holding difficult conversations with each other?
  • Do they hold each other accountable for their behaviours as well as ‘the numbers?’

The senior leadership team is arguably the most important group in any organisation. And yet it is common to come across top-level teams of people who are highly talented individuals, but who somehow fail to gel and work together as a real team when needed. Subsequently, they do not deliver the level of performance expected of them by their key stakeholders. Tensions often exist; elements of mistrust creep in; powerful personalities can dominate team meetings; self-interest can get in the way decisions made are not always fully supported by everyone around the table; and, sometimes, team members can zealously protect their ‘turf’ to the point wherek silos become apparent.

The behaviours and actions of the top team are very visible. Everyone is watching closely. Reputation and credibility are everything.

Our leadership team development solutions are designed to help senior teams move forward and improve their effectiveness through a focus on the way the leadership team works together - the 'how' - rather than the content - the 'what'. We use a range of psychometric and team assessment tools to build shared awareness and understanding, and facilitate insights into leadership team behaviours, natural strengths, and interpersonal dynamics. We also use case studies based on 'hot topics' on the leadership team agenda to underpin the learning and re-inforce the value of welcoming the diversity of talents and strengths on the team.

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