According to the latest CIPD research, 69% of organisations recognise the positive contribution coaching has on learning and development.

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Executive Coaching

Leveraging Strengths and Unlocking Potential

In today’s world, not only are organisations facing challenges of greater complexity than ever before, they are having to deal with them in an operating environment in which the pressure of competition is relentless, and the rate of change is accelerating. The value and impact of good coaching cannot be underestimated in this context. Performed well, coaching can achieve significant insights and shifts in thinking, as well as creating a clear vision for personal and business success.

Our excutive coaching team brings to our clients a unique blend of proven success in business and relevant knowledge and expertise in human behaviour. We use a range of proven psychometric and other tools to provide validated insights into leadership style, strengths, beliefs and behaviours. Our executive coaching solutions are tailored to the specific needs of the individual, and the style and culture of the organisation. These include:

  • Executive Leadership Coaching to provide thinking space for busy CEO's and senior leaders to help them reflect on the impact of their leadership style, and its impact on those they lead and other key stakeholders. Also to provide a confidential sounding board with whom senior executives can talk openly about their key business issues and ideas.
  • On-Boarding Coaching to support newly-hired excutives to ensure they 'hit the road running' and help them to maximise their impact in their all-important first 90 days in the new role.
  • Transition Coaching for executives just appointed to a senior leadership team position for the first time, to help them develop effective working relationships at this level.
  • Senior Women's Coaching Programme, to support senior women executives for whom personal development can often take on a different context to that of their male colleagues; for example, being in a minority on the leadership team or in the Board room and perhaps feeling more isolated.
  • Career Coaching to help excutives think through career options and future dirctions.
  • Sales Leadership Coaching specifically designed to help senior sales leaders drive sales performance through people.

To find out more about how our excutive coaching solutions can help you to achieve your goals, or to arrange a 'no-obligation' chemistry meeting with one of our coaches, please contact David Holmes (telephone +44 (0)7870 167890) or John Baker (tel. +44 (0) 7870 167890).

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