Case Study 4

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  • Focus community: UK & Ireland Management Team

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Transforming Business Results

Business Need

We were engaged by the VP and GM for the UK & Ireland business to support a major Sales Transformation Programme. The primary focus of our work was to raise the level of self-awareness throughout the Sales Management community as a key input to individual and team learning and development. The key objectives were to help Area and District Sales Managers to develop their leadership competencies, in particular to be able to engage, inspire, and motivate their people, underpin the business transformation process by acting as role models, and by demonstrating effective leadership in times of rapid change, complexity, and growth.

Our Approach

Working from an agreed set of business goals, our first step was to check out reality – to understand what was really going on – using relevant and validated assessment tools designed to:

  • profile the leadership and management behaviours required to perform the Area and District Sales Manager role well, and to define the leadership behaviours required moving forward
  • measure behaviours and motivating needs in the workplace, and provide insight into the behaviours and drivers necessary for excellent performance
  • measure the extent to which an individual believes he/she is actually using transactional management competencies and transformational leadership behaviours, compared to the extent that he/she believes they ought to be using these behaviours in their role.

The insights from these assessments were shared and discussed with the Area and District Sales Managers in different focus group workshops. These workshops were designed to centre on what leadership behaviours were required in the sales organisation moving forward, in particular what behaviours are needed to align with the business strategy, drive the changes necessary, and deliver the expected goals.

One-on-one coaching meetings were held with each manager to share and discuss their individual results. We also provided each Area Manager with recommended individual coaching plans they could use with each of their District Managers. These coaching plans were designed to focus attention on desired learning outcomes and specific ways they could work with the individual to orchestrate learning opportunities.

Business Outcomes

Our work produced a number of positive outcomes which were particularly relevant to the Sales Management community.

Not only did the individuals gain greater insights into their own personalities in terms of motivations and behaviours, they were also able to relate this to the strategic imperatives. They were also able to recognise and understand their own challenges and opportunities, and think about their own personal development needs going forward.

Through the coaching process the individuals developed greater self-awareness, and became more comfortable with differences and the preferences of their colleagues.

Consequently, in sales team meetings, the dialogue became more informed, challenging and open.